Sweet Pea’s Newsletter!

Just a short note that Sweet Pea has a new issue of her newsletter ready to go! You are likely already on her distro list and have received one—check your email! If not, and you’d like to receive it, just email me and we’ll get one out to you asap!

By the way, this is all her—she’s done all the planning, writing, graphics, and editing. I helped format the crossword and picked up a couple typos, and Chad has helped her learn the software, but we want to make sure she gets all the credit for this creative wrap-up of our adventure!



  1. Rita says:

    I received the first one via e-mail, but not this one. Will you ask her to make sure I’m on her list, please?

  2. Julie says:

    Am LOVING reading your blog and seeing all the pictures of where you have been and your fun adventures!!!! Miss you dear friend, so keep the writings coming! I also LOVE Sweet Pea’s newsletters – I’ll try to write and tell her so myself, but please pass that on to her! Tell her she has to teach me how to do all that when you are here in October! 🙂 I’ve had 2 bad days in a row, but after reading several days of your blog (catching up), I’m feeling MUCH better! Thanks for always cheering me up, even from across the country! Love and miss you friend!

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