Friends old and new, bad brake controllers, and rockets

Thursday morning it was time to say goodbye to our lovely McFarland Park campsite along the Tennessee River, where we could watch the barges slowly plod up the river.


I caught the elf arranging pinecones on the picnic table. Winking smile


We said goodbye to a new buddy who shares Spunky Monkey’s middle name (not Monkey…) —they became fast friends and must have worn holes around the campground roads with their scooters, as much time as they spent racing around.


We traveled on to Huntsville, Alabama, after Chad tackled his favorite part of getting the motorhome ready to go—the brake controller for the Mazda. Here’s how he thought he would feel about it when he bought it:


Here’s how he really feels:


Yep, that’s his mad look.

On to Huntsville! This is the first city we’ve visited that a tiny part of me thinks might be worth leaving Colorado for! (Don’t worry, Chad’s not interested, for those of you whom that might concern—you know who you are!) I just thought it was a beautiful city! So green, flowers everywhere, just the right amount of hills, clean, did I mention flowers? After a quick set-up at the Monte Sano State Park, we were off to visit the US Science and Rocket Center, also home of the Guiness world-record holder largest K’Nex structure:


This was one impressive visit! Real rockets that have been in space, a space shuttle, rovers, Mercury capsules, and so much to learn!! For example, did you know that traveling in a car at 70 mph, it would take 151 years to get to the Sun?!


That evening we met some friends who moved here from Monument several years ago—so good to see them again and catch up inside an old Airstream booth at Mellow Mushroom. Thanks for giving us a good reason to get to Huntsville, guys! We loved our time there!