Georgia on My Mind

After leaving Charleston, we headed to Georgia. But first, a couple stops along the way.

Back in Asheville, when leaving Mama Gertie’s, our tire-pressure monitoring system let us know we had a leak in one of the tires on the motorhome. Chad was able to fill the tire and we made it along like that okay, but knew we needed to get the valve stem replaced. So our first stop was at a Wingfoot Tire Shop at a Flying J truck stop along the interstate.


Based on the price of motorhome tires (ouch—just bought six of them before we left home) we were nervous about what this would cost us. We were pleasantly surprised and amazed—$26 and less than an hour of our time! Now if we can keep the tire pressure monitor valves on the Mazda from being stolen again (replaced them after they were stolen off all four tires somewhere in Asheville) we hope to be in good shape with our tires for a while!

Next stop—washing off all of the sea salt residue from our time at the beach and near the coast in Charleston:


Waiting in line with the big rigs at the Blue Beacon Truck Wash.


We’d never seen a truck wash before! They wash by hand—about six guys did a very thorough job. Rocky was squeaky clean after this!


And of course, an hour later, by the time we reached Atlanta:


Ah well. At least we had the salt off.

We stayed at the Stone Mountain Campground outside of Atlanta in, well, Stone Mountain, GA.


It was pouring rain when we got there, in the dark, along with lightning and thunder (which we hadn’t had with the rains out east until this point), and we couldn’t get leveled in the back-in spot we were assigned to. We tried over and over, with the automatic levelers, manual leveling with me using a little level on the floor of Rocky while Chad adjusted the jacks, he tried pulling out and back in several times; nothing worked. We finally gave up and found a pull-in site nearby. We hadn’t had a pull-in site before, but this one was a much larger site, more private and super easy to level. So it worked out for the best!

The next day was beautifully sunny so we headed for the Stone Mountain Theme Park. We spent all morning on the Sky Hike ropes course. So fun and at times, scary! The kids were awesome and very brave. So were we, I might add. (You’ll have to look closely to find them in these photos.)


Spunky Monkey is appropriately named—he just basically zoomed over most of the elements.



This carving in the 825 foot high granite monolith near Atlanta was initiated as a tribute to the Confederacy. It features Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis and is larger overall than Mt. Rushmore—Robert E. Lee’s head (in the middle) is 12 feet tall! At one point in the carving process a dinner party with 12 guests was held on his shoulder! From the ground it is difficult to get a feel for the true size of the sculpture. Gutzon Borglum, a name you’ve heard if you’ve visited Rushmore, began the project and initially planned it to have a whole Confederate army on horseback following the generals. That never materialized, because Borglum couldn’t get along with the project planners and walked off the job. His work was blasted off the mountain and started over by Augustus Lukeman, who must have been easier to get along with—at least his work is there to stay.


We took a train ride around the base of Stone Mountain.


Here’s the backside. (Can a circle have a backside? I guess I should say this is the side away from the theme park.)



Another HOT, HOT day…P7188594


The kids and I rode the sky tram to the top of the big rock.


How is it she’s taller than me when she sits on my lap??!!


He really needs to learn to relax….


Waiting for the laser show to start.


The sculpture was the backdrop for the laser show—the graphics were pretty impressive. At one point, they made it look like the sculpture was opening up and we all got a peek at what was inside the mountain—huge crystals one moment, then a bustling city with aircraft the next. A tribute to the South, including the Rocket Center we visited in Huntsville was fun.


The patriotic portion and tribute to our troops had me tearing up, but that part always gets me anyway.


The end-of-show fireworks were enhanced with the “boom” of the fireworks echoing off the rock.


The next day, Chad and the kids went back for more part of the day, while I stayed around Rocky getting caught up on a few things and cleaning. They did more Sky-Hiking, mini-golf, butterfly pavilion and Geyser Tower. Fun! But all were worn out after. Time for a little down-time. We had planned on visiting Louie Giglio’s Passion City Church in Atlanta, where Chris Tomlin leads worship, but Sweet Pea wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, so we moved on up to Sevierville, TN.

Next stop—the Answers in Genesis Mega-Conference!