Gifts from God at the Ocean

1. Waking me up early to walk & jog & think on the nearly empty beach.



Just God and me and the relentless waves—like Jesus’ love. Reminds me of this song:

O the deep, deep love of Jesus

2. A sweet companion who pleaded with me to wake her up early enough to watch the sunrise with me.



3. Surprises to see—Got to watch a sea turtle’s nest being relocated further from the water. During the night, she had trudged up the beach, laid her eggs, and returned to the sea when the tide was further out.


I found the folks from the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol busy at work, searching for the nest. Once they located it by gently prodding the sand with a handled wooden dowel, they started digging.


About 18” below the surface of the sand they found the first egg. The eggs are sized and shaped like ping-pong balls, and can easily be dented, so two of the volunteers carefully placed each egg into a bucket while the third started digging a new nest, further up in the dunes.



At this point, I left to see if the kids were up so I could bring them back to watch. I didn’t realize how far down the beach I’d gotten, though, so by the time I got back, I didn’t think we’d be able to return before the move was complete. Later in the week, though, we did walk up that far, and saw the new home for the eggs:


Turns out she laid 109 eggs in that hole! This article has more information and pictures (they even got me in one).

Another interesting find during my morning jog/walks was this horseshoe crab:


I don’t know if he died and then was washed up, or if he came to the beach to die, but by his size he looked like he’d lived a good, long crab life.

Later that day, on our evening walk, we saw someone had made this:


One more treasure:


4. And the fourth gift at the ocean…Just joy…


Spunky Monkey has a way of expressing how we all feel about the ocean.

What do you love about the ocean? Or if you’ve never been, why do you want to go?