Random thoughts and more rockets…

Here’s our campsite at Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, AL:


We only stayed one night. Wish we could have stayed longer—it was comfortable, quiet, and very pleasant. (On a side note, we’ve had amazing weather everywhere we’ve been! One strong thunderstorm in OK, and HEAT in Tupelo and Red Bay, but overall it’s been wonderful! Our skin is soaking up the humidity…aaaah.)

I have NO idea what this picture is about—Spunky Monkey took it, and I like it, so on the blog it goes!


We pulled out of Monte Sano fairly early (depends on who you ask—my dad who thinks anytime after 6 am is too late to get up has been very patient with us as we adjust to time zone changes and recover from moving & downsizing. Breakfast hasn’t really happened before 7:30 or 8 around here lately. It’ll get better) and headed back to the Space and Rocket Center. If you have or know of any budding astronauts or space scientists, Space Camp sounds amazing! Friday is graduation day, so we saw lots of young scientists.


Here is a Blackbird reconnaissance plane. It’s made for one person and can fly across the country in a couple hours.










Not everything was authentic (Spunky Monkey pointed out that there was grass growing on THIS surface of the moon):


But these were real!



We learned about black holes, Wernher von Braun (the German who dreamed about rockets when he was 15 and in 1942 led the team that developed the V-2, the world’s first ballistic missile. He later lived in the US and worked for NASA…Rocket Boys/ October Sky), Mercury capsules, and Able & Baker (two little monkeys who, in 1959, were the first animals to be recovered alive from a space flight).



After a quick climb up the Mars rocks,


getting to see a “real live pack robot!!!”,


and some frozen yogurt served by a robot, we were off. Time to say good-bye to Huntsville.


We weren’t quite sure where we would stay that night but were blessed to find a KOA in Georgia, near Lookout Mountain, with a spot available. This was probably the nicest KOA we’ve ever stayed in! It had a sparkling clean saltwater pool, a huge bounce pillow, nice playground, well-maintained grounds and more fireflies than we’ve ever seen in one place!


After bouncing, the kids and I enjoyed the pool. This is the first summer they can both actually swim!! (Thanks to Donna’s Dolphins in Colorado Springs. We crammed in as many lessons as we could get to before we left–about 6 each—and I’m so grateful for it! Spunky Monkey was barely putting his face in the water before, and Sweet Pea’s confidence and abilities shot way up too. So glad I can rest easy a bit at the pool, knowing they are safe and can have fun. Thanks especially to Vicki and Rachel, swim teachers extraordinaire!)