Roseville, CA

Before we left the campground at Yosemite, we spent what has turned out to be one of my favorite kind of days on our trip. Chad had to go to the nearby town of Groveland to get caught up on work, using the internet at one of the restaurants there. So the kids and I were at Rocky all day. We did some studying, some cleaning, some reading, and general busy-keeping. Spunky Monkey designed a whole set of dollhouse furniture he later “sold” to us.


I love the “fire” in the fireplace and the dog on the laptop:






My Almost-12-Year-Old!


A Bridge = A Game of Grumpy Old Troll!


On to Roseville! I thought we should probably visit Sacramento on our way north, and was looking for somewhere that would have a church we could attend for Easter. In the usual roundabout way I come to finding campgrounds, we ended up staying at the fairgrounds in a suburb of Sacramento. The drive there was beautiful; lots of wildflowers and almond groves.



We decided our interest level in seeing Sacramento itself was not greater than the hassle that would be involved getting through the major road construction going on, so we never did make it into Sacramento. The fairgrounds turned out to be a fine place to stay:



There was a stage just behind our campsite, which always means creativity must be unleashed!


I didn’t know it at the time I was making plans, but the Fairgrounds was the site of a 40,000-Egg Easter Egg Drop and Festival the day before Easter.


It was put on by a local church, and had games, bounce houses, music, food and a helicopter that dropped lots of eggs to be “found”.


As for Easter itself, we were feeling a little lonely, as we usually have extended family to our house for dinner, but we were thrilled to find out about an outdoor service in a shopping mall parking lot, put on by Bayside Church, and featuring Francis Chan as the speaker. We had already been blessed by his teachings in the past and were glad to hear more from him. It was a gorgeous day and felt very California-ish. 


Here’s a KLOVE link to the service (although this is a video of the first service; we were at the second, and I think the message was even better at ours):

Either way, what really matters is: HE IS RISEN!! And that’s worth celebrating, wherever you are!

Afterward, we had lunch at Mimi’s and took turns getting pics:


During our stay at the Fairgrounds, we enjoyed the large areas of grass to run and play Frisbee in, sidewalks to jump rope on. We met a very friendly couple from Oregon who gave us some tips on traveling there.


Roseville has roses all over!!


Next post—celebrating turning 12!