The Really Important Stuff

THIS is what matters—God made you and LOVES you MORE than you can comprehend. He WANTS us to be with Him forever. BUT, ALL of us are sinners. Think you’re a good person and so it doesn’t really matter what you think about God? That he’ll let you into heaven because you’re good to your family, work hard, you’re generous, doing your own thing? God’s standard for the life after this one (and it IS coming for us all) is PERFECTION, not just being “good”. NONE of us measure up. Me? I’m waaaaay up there with all the ways I’ve fallen short of God’s expectations and standards. There is nothing good about me apart from God LAVISHING His Grace upon me.


Sometimes we don’t like to hear it (or say it, write it…this is way too stepping-on-toes for my liking…please know this is coming from a heart of love), but even if we’ve ever told even a small lie (making us liars) or stolen, even something small (making us thieves), hated someone (making us murderers in our hearts) we have to realize we CAN’T measure up and if there is a heaven and a hell (which ARE very real), a just and loving God CAN’T let lying, thieving, murderers into heaven.


But THE GOOD NEWS!! He loves us and wants us with Him, so there’s got to be another way. Thankfully, He sent His Son Jesus to take all our sin upon himself to make us meet that standard of perfection! But it has to be an active choice on our part to abandon the ways of our sinful nature and trust in what HE says He’s done for us. God’s Holy Spirit guides us in our daily lives and gives us peace and freedom as we wait to meet our Savior in our eternal home.


THAT’s what matters. It’s simple and it’s not only about this life, and it’s not about religion and rules and restrictions. It’s about a relationship with a Savior who loves you more than you can realize and it’s about eternity. Just take a minute to ponder it. It’ll be worth it.