Visiting Charleston

My blog-writing has been on hold lately. Not sure why (might be the downer of leaving the beach) , but I’m feeling ready to get back at it! Time to catch up!

In Charleston, we found a nice camping spot at Oak Plantation Campground. AFTER we drove over a couple bridges like this…kind of scary when you’re barreling ahead in a 20,000+ lb beast. I guess those cars on the other side are coming from SOMEWHERE!


Here are some pictures of the campground. I’ll remember South Carolina for the Spanish moss hanging off the Live Oak trees, and swamps everywhere (we did learn the difference between a swamp and a marsh…a marsh has no trees!)




I almost forgot to take a picture at this campground, so I snapped one quickly the night before we left! This was a great campground for riding bikes and jogging, except the trashcans were lined up along the main road leading in and out. With the heat and humidity, we had to learn to strategically hold our breath as we passed by!


One of the first things we took in was a trip on this ferry to Fort Sumter, where the Civil War started. The fort is on a tiny island in the Charleston Harbor. The island was built up and the fort constructed on it for the War of 1812. By the time the Civil War was brewing, Union troops were stationed on it to quell the unrest taking place in the South. The first shot was fired here on April 12, 1861, by Confederates who quickly caused surrender of the Fort.


We loved watching the dolphins swimming in the Harbor while our ferry waited to dock. I also saw a few pelicans diving for fish.P7148347

My camera wasn’t working that day—no zoom—so not many great pictures.


We enjoyed listening to a Ranger tell us all about the history of the Fort, and the kids earned another badge!


Most of the bricks are original and were made by slave labor—more to come on what I’ve learned about slavery on this trip.


A genuine Civil War canon!


What the Fort used to look like—much of it was damaged during the Siege and since then, has weathered as well.


You know how you used to go on field trips in school and you were assigned a “buddy” for the day? Spunky Monkey and I were buddies on this day. Sweet Pea and Daddy were buddies. It worked out well. Just the way things need to be sometimes…. Smile



More to come on Charleston! Beautiful city!