Where Have We Been??!

Where are the McAllisters??!! We are still out roaming around and doing fine, just taking an unplanned break from the blogosphere…

Since leaving Colorado again in November (I should probably say “fleeing,” as we were urgently in search of warmer temperatures), we got to know New Mexico a bit, then headed to Arizona, where we’ve been immersed in the desert ever since! It’s hard to remember it’s not sunny and warm everywhere. We completely GET the snowbirding lifestyle, as we’re in the midst of it in this part of the country at this time of year. We also get why the year-round residents might not like all the snowbirds invading their territory, but we’re not above joining their ranks one day.

It’s been an interesting winter—working through some of the difficulties of four of us living in close proximity out of our normal comfort zone, missing family and home at the holidays, trying to homeschool amidst changing surroundings, and making dietary and lifestyle changes and but remembering God is good all the time! He’s teaching us and guiding us and we’re thanking Him for this opportunity He’s given us.

So, I have so much to catch you up on! Thanks to those of you who have checked in, inspired me to start writing again (you know who you are), kept up with Sweet Pea’s newsletters, and generally inquired as to our well-being!

Rather than make one loooooong post to catch you up, I’ve written a series of smaller ones that I’ll be posting daily. I’ll post links to them here, too, until I get caught up!

Here we go!

New Mexico—1st Stop, Santa Fe

New Mexico–Albuquerque

New Mexico–Alamogordo