Whirlwind summary of our last two months…

Ok, we are officially back on the road again after a lovely time back in Colorado (during which I did next to no blogging!), so I am going to attempt to limit my pictures in this post and still manage a summary of what we’ve been up to. Here goes…..!

First, getting from Iowa to Colorado…involves Nebraska. Not a lot to talk about there, but we do love Windmill State Recreation area, near Kearney. We’ve stayed there before and it’s becoming a favorite. We were one of only a handful of campers in the park, so it was very peaceful and quiet. We did some geocaching there, including one in a gazebo that we could NOT find. Ah well, next time…


After bouncing around Highway 67, THE bumpiest road we’ve been on yet, we arrived back in Colorado! Spent some time in Loveland—Chad had some business meetings and we got to visit with Chad’s sweet niece and husband and our good friends, the Byers. We also had the fun surprise of camping only a few sites away from my good friend, Julie’s parents! Sweet Pea loved the crafting lessons Julie’s mom gave her.



Oscar the Bunny—so sweet!




We said goodbye to our trusty 20+-year-old mountain bikes and traded them for more “sensible” cruiser bikes. Are we sounding old, or what?! We just don’t fit those old mountain bikes like we used to when we were rock-hopping in Moab all those years ago. And most of our riding these days is on trails with the kids. Maybe when they start some serious mountain biking we’ll give it a go again. Maybe.




Anyone else have a “cheese” like this to play on at their school? We had one that was half this size at my elementary school—fond memories. The campground had this one near our site; the kids had great fun making up games on it.



One thing we noticed as soon as we arrived here is how blue, blue, blue the sky in Colorado is. And what gorgeous sky-scapes.


We really enjoyed the Loveland area—lots of ponds and lakes, friendly people, Whole Foods nearby, and close to the foothills. We had hoped to get to Rocky Mountain National Park, but we arrived right when the epic and tragic Flood of 2013 started, and since the roads going there were washed out, we couldn’t make it.

After our business in northern Colorado was over, we headed south, to one of our favorite jaunts, Ponderosa Camp:


Loved those days of doing school outside, riding bikes, geocaching, working out in the gym, smelling the delicious forest.


We had lovely accommodations at Green Acres with our hosts, Barney and Andy, while their humans were out of town. We also got to see the first snow of the season!


Did some serious, hair-swinging potato-diggin! Planted the seed potatoes at Oma & Opa’s last spring before we left, and now they’re ready to eat!


One of our favorite things! Dreirum time on the deck with Oma & Opa and Tante Heidi. (Missed you, Uncle Arn!)


We took our annual trip to the mountains to see the changing Aspen, to Mueller State Park.


Spunky Monkey always finds a stick on every hike. This one was quite sizeable!


The Camel Operator and camel rides are a favorite ongoing hiking story for several years now, although I’m not sure how long this passenger will fit on the camel!


How is it that we can almost be the same height??!


We spent the rest of our time back in Colorado at the Garden of the Gods Campground, at the foot of Pikes Peak in Old Colorado City.





One of my favorite places…ANY. WHERE.


My brother’s first geocache!


Working on the newsletter and Power Director video editing at one of our new favorite coffee shop finds—Jives in Old Colorado City.

Aaannd….Our main reason for coming back to Colorado during October—my niece’s wedding!



One last visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, where you can get up & close with the giraffes like nowhere else…




We miss our friends already!


Above is our view from the motorhome when we arrive at Garden of the Gods Campground, below is the view right before we left. Got to see fall come and go…time to move south!



Last time we left, we took these two with us!! But this time we had to say Aufweidersehen. We sure do miss our travel companions! Can’t wait to see them again.